Study Group Comics Kickstarter

Some great comics this week! - and my package from Study Group Comics arrived - woo! with books from Sam Alden and Farel Dalrymple, the kickstarter can be found here>.

The Phil Butterworth Memorial Fire Garden

Site E - Edmonton Artist Collective

'Site E' Artist Collective presents the first iteration of our Fire Garden project from last fall.  Propane Fueled Sculpture / Installation - Ambient flame pieces and  interactive flame 'poofer' cannon.  on a side note on the title of the piece - Phil Butterworth is actually alive and is an awesome guy, collaborator in the regional burner community, and dj from Calgary.

Check out this video of the installation at the Alberta Decompression in October 2013.


Some color composition tests, watercolor on index cards.



One Minute Wonder 34 - Brandon Graham
comic books

A quick video of me from when me and my significant otter were in Amsterdam working on an art show.